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Water Softeners

Clean, soft water. Once you have it, you’ll never want to live without it. Cleaner  dishes. Softer  skin. Lower energy  bills. There’s no beating soft water. Dakota Water Conditioning offers simple, user-friendly solutions to your hard water problems with innovative technologies that make it easier than ever for you to enjoy soft water. And our products require less maintenance and cost less to operate than other systems.

Non-Electric Water Softeners
SUMO Non electric softeners. Highly efficient

Introducing Sumo® non-electric water softeners. Highly Efficient. Powerfully Compact. Beautifully Simple.

Most softeners have always operated the same way…until now. We started with a clean slate to make sure Sumo® could do what other softeners couldn’t. The result: a system that’s more effective, more reliable, simpler to operate and less expensive to maintain. Take a look at everything Sumo® has to offer.

Non-Electric Operation

Take away the electricity and you eliminate potential timer/computer malfunctions, reprogramming and system down time.

Rapid Regeneration

Sumo® systems can clean themselves in as little as 8 minutes vs. traditional softeners that require more than an hour to regenerate!

Low Salt Use

Save your back! Because Sumo® measures your water use and only regenerates when necessary, it can use up to 75% less salt than traditional systems.

High Flow

Sumo® systems deliver the high flow rates required by today’s demanding households.

Designed and Assembled in the USA

Dakota Series Water Softeners
Dakota Water Softeners provide soft clean water

Introducing Dakota Series Water Softeners. Traditional style softening systems that treat you right.

A Dakota Series Water Softener is the one appliance that protects all the others, from washing machines to water heaters. No more scale or stains from hard water inside your plumbing, on your fixtures or on your clothing. And clean soft water from a Dakota Series Water Softener keeps you cleaner, too, by rinsing away soaps and shampoos that can dry skin and hair.

Demand Regeneration

Dakota Series Water Softeners monitor your water usage and time regeneration to minimize salt use.

High Flow

Dakota Series systems deliver the high flow rates required by today’s demanding households.

Rugged Construction

Commercial grade components make our products work better and last longer.

Multiple Models

Every system installed is specific to your home and water. 

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