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Regenerating your Water Minion portable water softener.


During the backwash cycle, water flows up at a fast rate to flush iron minerals, dirt and sediments from the resin bed. The resin bed expands and lifts for cleaning.

1. Unscrew the water supply hose from the pre-filter.

2. Unscrew the hose from the outlet.

3. Re-attach the water supply hose to the outlet of the unit.

4. Unscrew the canister from the pre-filter and remove the filter (if you have one installed). You can leave the canister off during the backwash if you don’t care if the water spills on the dock, or ground right there. You will need another hose if you want to route the water somewhere else.

5. Turn water supply on full to backwash unit. This won’t take long and depends on how much iron minerals, dirt and sediments you have in your water supply, and if you use the pre-filter. Run the water until it comes out clear.

6. When you’re done backwashing, un-screw both hoses and attach the water supply hose to the pre-filter for normal operation.



7. Fill the pre-filter canister with salt. Salt pellets work best because they dissolve slower. Use the same salt you buy for your home water softener. Don’t fill it to the top with salt or you will not get it back on.  This takes about 2 ½ pounds of salt pellets.

8. Screw the canister back on the pre-filter top. Turn the whole pre-filter upside down. This is one half of a turn. You do this so the salt will stay in the water flow during the brining step.

9. Turn on the water so it takes at least twenty minutes to fill a 5-quart ice cream bucket. The slower the better.

10. Run the water about 20 minutes. You can check the water with a glass. At first, the water will be very cloudy and of course, will taste salty. Once the water clears up, and doesn’t taste salty, the salt is gone.

That’s it, you’re done!  You have now regenerated your Water Minion portable Boat, RV water softener and it’s ready to use. Just reattach the hose to your RV supply, boat, or home…and you’re good to go!

Dakota Water Conditioning's Portable Softener The Water Minion
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