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Dakota Water Conditioning is a FULL service water treatment company, serving North Dakota and NW Minnesota.  Over the years and 100's of water tests in North Dakota and Minnesota, we specialize in finding solutions to the water problems we face.  Whether it's hard water, iron staining, smells, Chlorine/Chloramine, we will work hard to find a efficient solution and stand behind everything we install.


To improve your water, our philosophy is to meet with the customer at their home to test their water, audit the plumbing and recommend a course of action to improve their water.  That's it!  No Pressure...just simple recommendations to provide great water for your home and family. 


We install and service water softeners, reverse osmosis systems, specialty filtration for Chlorine/Chloramine, Iron, and Sulfur Smell .  Our service philosophy is to repair your water softener before replacing any existing equipment.  We offer a convenient salt delivery service as well. 

With a comprehensive line of water treatment products and trained water professionals dedicated to helping you determine what solution is best for your family, we have confidence you’ll enjoy the Dakota Water Conditioning experience. We’re looking forward to having you join our growing list of happy customers.

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