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Water is a daily, life–sustaining requirement. It is on of the pure and basic necessities in life.  Ensuring that the water we drink everyday is the safe, natural water that our bodies demand is as vital as the water itself


Unfortunately, not all the water we use from our taps is the pure, fresh water that our bodies desire.

A Dakota Water 4-stage R.O. Drinking Water System effectively reduces harmful impurities, turning ordinary tap water into the water that nature intended for us to drink...fresh, natural life-sustaining water.


Drinking Water System
Dakota Water Reverse Osmosis

Delicious, sparkling–clear drinking water.


  • Pristine, flavorful coffee, tea and juice.

  • Cleanly rinsed fresh fruits and vegetables.

  • Crystalline, harder and clearer ice cubes.

  • Better tasting soups, sauces and meals when prepared

      with R.O. water.

  • Cost effective. The daily cost of bottled water will no

      longer be a concern.

  • Convenient. Fresh, clean water, ready at your tap.

  • Exclusive lead-free faucets and can match most fixture colors

Clean, safe water for your family
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